Know the youth to predict the next. New stats:

Did you know that European, including Russia & Turkey, 10 year-olds:

- First used the Internet at age 7, and now usse it on average for 58 min a day.
- 85% have internet access at home. 30% access it form their bedrooms.
- 19% ever access from a mobile
- 63% say they know more about internet than their parents do. (10 YEAR-OLDS!)
- In the past month, 85% of 9-12s played games online and 65% watched online video
- 26% have a profile on a social network

In the UK:
- 66% of 10s have a mobile phone
- 26% are on Facebook (must be 13 to register...)
- 89% have a games console at home

Couch potato heaven! 2 screens Ipad, Smartphones in heavy use while watching TV

Thanx to my brilliant colleague Kevin for info. The latest study by Nielsen reveals where people are using their iPads and smartphones. No surpise that iPad useres spend most time in front of  TV.  Time spent is 30%! Wathcing TV is the most common context for use of iPads at a whopping 70%.

TV ranks as the top time spent with 20% and TV context for use is 68%

Interactive TV is already here with 2 screens soultiuons popping up everywhere at the moment. Now, why would you not create a 2 screen solution in addition to your TV commercial? This is key...

Lastly, but not least . 57% use TV and Internet simultaneously.

Mobile viewing has an increase of 70% versus last year – the largest annual growth to date.

The full report here:

The shift in marketing.

A main key to succeed in marketing is to provide people with a social currency. If your marketing initiatives is not helping people to tell their stories you are most likely to fail.  

That´s why its more important to activate the market than becoming an echo of it. It´s why innovating through co-creating with people to find better ways of doing things is more important than using marketing for covering up inferior products.

Focus on communicating together with the market the emotional answer to why you are in the market rather than focusing on differentiation in a generic market.  

We are not competing against other competitors stories, but the stories between people.  How will you start and/or become part of these stories?

That´s the shift we´re in the midst of.

Everything mobile. New stats

Insight into the behaviour of 34,000 consumers across 43 countries and a vital understanding of the future impact of mobile on our digital landscape from

The number of mobile web users visiting social networking sites grew from 30% to 46% globally, and from 26% to 50% in emerging markets*, leapfrogging much of the developed markets.
  • Only 18% of consumers globally managed to upload photos or video directly to the web from their mobiles, during the same period, but a further 44% would be interested in doing so in future.
  • Social networking, mobile banking and navigation services are seeing strong growth in 2011 as important factors in product decision making
  • consumers continue to drive market growth for advanced mobile technologies, with video calling, live video and video downloads the next critical developments.
  • Of the social networking activities they expect to do more of in the future, uploading pictures/video and streaming media content straight to friends on these sites are the most popular. And the preferres device for many activities. See graph below.
  • Mobiles are the world´s must-have device
  • What has been commoditized is not creativity;

    it's the misguided application of creativity in the context of communications that no longer hold any power to move us. < according to Phil Johnson in this article.

    In my opinion the best creative solutions in marketing, right now – not in the past or future - are the ones that is a combination of platform, communication and product.  Especially purpose based efforts where identifying people´s united purposes and passions is key.

    We need to stop focusing on reciprocation. We need to stop focusing solely on listening and reacting. We need to be bold and activate the market!

    More on the topic
    Activate The Market (Presentation)

    Nominated to 2011 International Digital Emmy Awards!

    Some days at work feels better than others.

    Like when you just receive a message from your client that they are thrilled to be nominated for the first time at the 2011 International Digital Emmy Awards for our work with X Factor with TV 2.

    In my opinion the team here at – A part of McCann Worldgroup, have made one of these solutions that just feels so obvious in retrospective – where strategy, logic, mechanisms, emotions, crossplatforms, earned/paid/owned media worked in symphony.  Of course I have a lot to say regarding the strategy and the challenges facing TV in the midst of the information revolution we´re part of where everyone, not only governments, media and brand can publish information. Where the main challenge for our client has been how they could be more relevant and at the same time activate their viewers. But let´s leave that out for another time.

    Have a nice day!

    PS. Have a look at our presentation of the concept:
    About the Digital Emmy Awards:


    Why do people follow a brand on Facebook?

    Some findings from Econsultancy´s new study following their launch of best practice guide to creating Facebook Pages

    Why do people follow brands on Facebook?
    The most common reason was to be notified of special offers (70%). Other reasons included shopping (38%), to be follow events (38%) and to leave feedback (29%).

    How many different brands do people follow?
    Between two and five is the norm, though 35% of people will follow more than five brands. 13% of respondents said they followed more than 10 brands on Facebook.

    Other findings
    - F-commerce is in its infancy but one in four people have made a purchase via a brand’s Facebook Page.
    - Less than one in five people have complained via a Facebook Page. I expect this number to grow in future, as the channel matures.
    - People typically discover Facebook Pages via the company website, or having been recommended by a friend. Almost 60% of people have recommended a brand to friends.
    - People primarily unsubscribe from pages if they are dull, or not updated frequently enough. They’ll also bail out if there are too many updates. It’s important to find the right balance for your audience.

    Here´s my take on what the VALUE of a Facebook fan is.