The difference between Big Data and Business Intelligence

Business intelligence (BI) and Customer intelligence (CI) projects have mostly been focusing on the past and are also often not driven by any business problem. 

A better approach might be to scale down your BI and CI project - and instead focus on what business problem you want to solve and then identify:
1. Business goals – Set KPI´s and identify the data sources that we need to focus on.  
2. Communication goals -  Set KPI´s and identify the data sources that we need to focus on affecting to reach the business goals.
 > Make sure you have a balance between internal and external data!
3. Do an audit of existing marketing initiatives. Are they affecting our goals?
4. Use the insight provided by the data to identify (predict) what kind of stories will resonate in the market, and that will be seen as added value to ongoing and future publishing/dialogue from and between people on- and offline.  (The quality of what´s being done based on the insight is what makes stuff go viral.)

Then you will activate the market. Not only inform.