The Death Of The Website

Steve Rubel has an interesting article about the death of the media website and Ed Cotton asks some obvious questions about it. 

"If media companies don't have websites, what's the point of any brand having one? 

Is the future all about applications and ideas that lock brands into social media? 

If so, this will have huge implications for digital agencies who will no longer be needed to build web experiences and sites."

And his conclusion is, perhaps obvious; 

"The bottom line is if you are an agency and you aren't playing in social media now and adding value to your client brand's experience, you are going to be in trouble"

As I mention in my deck "Walk The Talk" - I believe the stats is telling the truth. Most media websites and company sites show a decline in traffic. But is it the end of the website? As is, as a mere corporate business-card, it definitely is. And news is going social, as mentioned in my presentation.

But still, I think as companies learns and dare to lead and activate they will see that they can play an important role in the lives of their customers providing them with relevant value that has a far more potential than passively advertisements on today´s media news sites. And media, well most of them are still on their high horses desperately clinging on to their position without realizing that for them to play an important role they need to disrupt and re-think their role in society:

We are in the midst of a fundamental marketplace change where only the brave will survive.