Social Commerce stats

Consumer findings from the report include:

  • 70 percent of respondents would rather hear about a new product from a Facebook friend, than from a brand.
  • 57% have asked their friends on Facebook for advice before purchasing a product
  • 31% say they don’t share products on social networks, while 63% say they share on Facebook, 25% on Twitter, and 22% on Pinterest
  • 64% said that more Facebook “likes” on a product do not increase the likelihood that they will buy that product
  • 44% say they are most likely to discover new products on Facebook compared to 21% on Pinterest and 13% on Twitter, but 37% don’t pay attention to posts about products
  • 56% do not share things on social networks to get rewards.

Brand findings from the report include:

  • Facebook Upstream Traffic: 2.46%
  • Pinterest Upstream Traffic: 0.13% (Low)
  • Twitter Upstream Traffic: 0.06% (Distant 3rd)
  • 35% of companies researched had apps on Facebook that were not functioning and/or were out of date.
  • 51% of companies have incorporated the Pin It button

You´ll find the report here: