One of my favorite campaigns ever.

What´s my favorite campaign ever?

That´s the question I received from the brazilian planner Carlos Henrique Vilela running  It would be tempting to pull NIKE+, Fiat:ECO or some of Dell´s, Starbucks or VISA´s solutions out of the hat. But those are not really awesome magical pieces of work. Perhaps too much focus on tactics on the execution of the ideals. All have great ideals in my opinion. But awesomeness? NIKE+? Close but no cigar... Their ads should really have been mindblowing to kickstart and maintain traction of the concept, which is brilliant. 

One of my all time favorite campaigns ever is the beautiful, simple, powerful, emotional and social "The Tap Project" by Droga5: (Thanks @caune for reminding me!)

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What´s your favorite campaign ever?