NOKIA´s Head of Digital comments on COCA-COLA Social media study

Eric Schmidt, Coca-Cola's senior manager of marketing strategy and insights: 

"We didn't see any statistically significant relationship between our buzz and our short-term sales." 

The article continues:  But Coca-Cola's newly published research could renew the debate over just how effective social initiatives are. After all, if the world's largest brand says that social buzz had a measly 0.01% impact on its sales, why would any other business, large or small, expect more from the medium?

Then in the comments Sylvain Querné, Head of Digital Marketing at Nokia comments: 

"Isn't coca cola losing sales on soda drinks in the US? At this point no impact is better than negative impact..."

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Oh and today COCA-COLA followed up Erick Schmidt´s poor analysis with a statement: