Marketing 101: This is what you want!

Sir John Hagerty: "We do not create and broadcast commercials anymore for our clients - we create and broadcast events on TV to start up conversations. If you are a marketeer - this is what you want! This is what results in sales."

Brands, especially big brands, need to broadcast to kickstart, maintain and fuel the possibility for being perceived as more relevant than your competitors. To keep and create the mental availability of the product/service on peoples mind = brand growth. 

Forget about awareness. Forget about TV, Digital or mobile. Forget about creating a TV commercial. 

Focus on the ideal of the brand, create and execute awesome ideas that builds the story of the brand and it´s customers.  Focus on interest. Focus on telling the story/ies 24/7/365 using whatever tool or media that works to tell it to, together with and for people so that the brand becomes part of the stories between people.