How to get more TV viewers

> To maximize the number of potential new viewers, promote off your own air. Some networks may over-rely on their on-channel inventory, which only effectively reaches loyal, regular viewers. An analysis of promotional campaigns for a series of fall 2011 network premieres found that the average campaign reached 47 percent of Adults 18-49.The incremental reach from off-channel promotion averaged 4.4 reach points, including both cross-channel (free on sister networks) and paid ads on other networks. Importantly, among lighter network viewers, off-channel accounts for 7 incremental reach points of the 27 percent average reach.

> For new shows, off-channel promos are key. In our analysis, viewers to a new show that were only exposed to on-channel promotion make up below 40 percent of the premiere’s audience.

> For returning shows, sticking with promos on your own air may be enough. The largest share of viewers tuning in to the premiere is likely those who only saw on-channel ads, making up over 75 percent of the premiere’s audience.

> Promotions on premiere day are critical. Typically, around one-third of the total audience of a premiere was only exposed to a promo that day.

> Combine early and same-day promotions to pack the biggest punch. Those exposed both long before and day-of premiere typically account for nearly half of the premiere’s audience.

What the Nielsen findings do not cover is the importance of activating potential viewers:

Activate so that people will become dooropeners to social networks.
  • Time spent with marketing solutions = people will watch what they already have invested time with.