Effective?: "Virgin Active has launched a multimillion ad campaign."

Virgin Active has launched a multimillion ad campaign to drive membership sign-ups as it drives its plans to become the "most loved" health club in the UK.

Brian Waring, chief marketing officer of Virgin Active UK said: "We have a bold ambition and that’s to become the most-loved health club in the UK."

I don´t think this multimillion ad campaign will be as effective as it could be. Why?

1. Wrong focus. 

It should be: "We will become the health brand in the UK who loves our customers most."

2. Execution. 

The commercial neither awakes arousal or aspire people to be more active - the latter part which should be their marketing 101 guide to everything they do. Not in general and not at Virgin Active Health Club. It does not place the brand in the hearts of people. And by not getting the brand in early, make it visual frequently shown in the video and spoken at least once it will not influence future propensity to buy the brand. 

But perhaps the social media part of the campaign will do the investment justice...