Beware of NIKE+

Everyone uses Nike+ as an example on marketing excellence. I am no exception. 

The problem arises when Nike+ is being used as an argument for, both from clients and agencies, to do the "same" kind of solution for any brand. They emulate the solution but fail. Why?

Brands are driven by growth. Growth comes when marketing succeeds to make the brand...

  1. ...increase relevancy and creates ongoing positive memories.
  2. ...become part of the stories between people – as often as possible.
  3. enabler for people to tell something important about themselves to the world which makes the brand part of the stories between people which increases relevance etc...
Nike+ does all of the above for NIKE. The digital solution itself is really not that great and is ripe for improvements in regards to social and user-friendliness – but the way it helps people to tell the world how healthy and fit they are by posting it to Facebook without having to actually write anything themselves is one of the main reasons that makes Nike+ a success.  

So the question for other brands should be: How can we help people to tell something important about themselves to the world? Important, not as in wealth, status or taste – but deeper mental traits such as kindness, intelligence and creativity that people are wired to display. 

That´s when purpose tied-in marketing should come to mind and the creative execution following this thought.