70% of brand buzz is not controlled by brand

According to Kris Hoet a MCKINSEY Study show that 

80% of what was told about a brand was controlled by that brand

70% of what is said about a brand is not controlled by that brand

This should come as no surprise to anyone in 2013. That´s why it is so crucial for growth that a brand focus more on becoming part of the stories between people rather than telling their story alone. Brands need to allocate their budget where today 99% is used for building a story and buy media planning - then launch. Instead spend 50% on this - then 50% on ongoing iteration and development of the story together with people in the market. 24/7. 365 days a year.  

How? Tell the agency the following:

Use 50% of the budget to:
#1  Please understand our ideal. Our why? to why we´re in the market. Or help us define this. In one sentence.
#2  Start observing the market. What people are interested in and what they do. To identify how we best can help, enhance culture. 
#3  Create story - that is aligned with our ideal. And then help us plan how to best kickstart it (TV, Banner, Social etc), distribute it (App, site, social etc) and then
Use 50% of the budget rest of the 3. 6 or 12 months to make sure the story is growing and developing together with people in the market:
#4  Set up an strategist/analyst who observe daily, creates daily or weekly reports of how our story perform and identifies new opportunities. 
#5  Use professional storytellers, creatives, who based on the reports responds to feedback on the story(-ies) and who daily, weekly creates and distributes new elements to the story in both social (to get earned buzz), paid(distribute + helping people after rationalize value of their participation) and owned(distribute + conversion) media. We believe this will fuel culture and make us become part of the stories between people so that our market shares grow. 

You will get a monthly budget for #4 and #5 but
#6  Please let us know big ideas on a regular basis that require more funding and we can discuss. Meaning we repeat #3 - #6.  365 days a year. 

Thank you,
Brand x